Cost & Commercial Management

BCS has delivered over 4,000 MW of IT load across the globe. This has given us unrivalled cost and commercial expertise in the mission critical sector. One of the key principles in achieving better business outcomes is the predictability and control of cost. Utilising our unique insight and expertise, our experts provide mission critical cost planning and commercial management advice that ensures budget certainty and assurance, delivering value for money across the project life cycle.

Our proven methodologies have been designed to deliver optimal cost performance at every decision gateway, from project baseline to contract award through to final account. We treat each investment decision as if it were our own and, with no influence to the rest of the supply chain, we give independent advice that will best reflect the business need.

Cost & Commercial Management

We will lead continuous value analysis of all aspects of the project to establish the optimum design solutions and value engineering of the design solutions. Our approach is benefits based which involves identifying desired outcomes and then the strategies to achieve them.


We use metrics to bring focus to improvement issues that are critical to success. We generate improvement targets that are based on what has been achieved in practice. Our data provides confidence that your organisation’s performance compares favourably with best practice.

Whole & Life Cycle Costs

The BCS approach enables our clients to make decisions on long term strategies through integrating analysis of capital, energy, carbon and operation/life cycle replacement costs. Using real life information and industry norms, we supply the data that improves business decisions.

Supply Chain & Procurement Strategy

Sourcing & procurement is becoming more critical as supply chains grow increasingly complex. Organisations are more reliant on suppliers than ever before. In such a world, BCS unlocks new value from the supply base and protect the organisation from future disruption.

Peter Knapp

Executive Vice President, CloudHQ

BCS goes above and beyond to ensure our projects meet the quality we stand for. Close communication, quick response rates and taking ownership of tasks lead to the successful project outcome we seek to achieve as a team. Throughout, the BCS team show commitment to us as a client and partner not only on project-level but also strategically.

Tony Jacob

Vice President of Design & Construction, Interxion

BCS represent us in the best way, taking our challenges, recognising the potential impacts on our business and delivering the right solutions through their totally dependent expertise adding value to our brand

Tassos Christoforou

Director Design and Construction EMEA and APAC at IRON MOUNTAIN

BCS are not operating on a detect and repair mode but on a predict and prevent mode

John Lennon

CEO CAM Capital

BCS Utilities has been continually proactive on Cam Capital and Avalon DC projects. The team has applied its expert technical and commercial skillset along with its knowledge of the regulated and de-regulated utilities marketplace to ensure that best value and programme assurance were prioritised at all stages of development