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We believe that the effective deployment of technology is as important as the technology itself and delivering digital built assets requires the right people with the right skills working together in the right ways. And so, for the sake of our digital future, we have a responsibility to develop and nurture the next generation of those people now.

Every day, we work with clients and colleagues to build capabilities, leadership skills, and better outcomes—at every level, for every opportunity. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, working with BCS could be a challenging and rewarding next step in your career. Come be part of our team–bring your ideas, ingenuity and determination to make a difference, and we’ll solve some of our client’s biggest challenges.

Your career at BCS

Competitive Salary

Our salaries are representative of the value you generate for our clients.


We find ways of working that represent today's working environment to enable the best outputs.


We offer a benefits package tailored to individuals that recognises outstanding performance.

Professional Growth

We’ll coach you, mentor you and support you to help you get to where you want to go.

Team Bonding

In joining BCS, you'll be part of a highly sociable team that are encouraged to swap experiences.


We always encourage our staff to take on new challenges. Wherever your journey takes you, we’ll provide a supportive network and environment.

Job vacancies

Check out our current vacancies, you might be the next member of our team.

Project Management

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Cost Management

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What is it like to work at BCS?

Brian O'Hare

I chose to join BCS because my immediate impression was of an autonomous, trusting and non-corporate culture which allowed me to develop my skillsets to be able to achieve anything I wanted to within the company. The BCS team is very dynamic and forward thinking with the diversity in people and projects across EMEA means no two days are the same. The development of apprentices, juniors and consultants into great team players is a major achievement in harnessing future talent that can be relied upon to deliver time after time for years to come. Passing down my years of experience to maintain our reputation with team leadership and mentoring will be a key goal of mine.

Andrew Hellyer

Joining BCS was the easiest decision of my career. The whole ethos of the business, the people, and the work environment is second to none. At BCS we work on some truly amazing projects across both the UK & Europe and it’s extremely rare to see so many very talented professionals all in one place, all collectively working together. The work environment needs a mention as its rather special and something not experienced elsewhere with the trust, honesty, flexibility and integrity in abundance from day one at BCS. Everyone is equal to the success of the business, and this clearly shines through to all employees making work life a pleasure.

Aby Endean


BCS has provided me ample learning opportunities since I joined. I am obtaining hands on project experience day-to-day and currently studying my masters in Construction Management. BCS has supported me in my career more than any other company I have worked for.

Oskar Lampe

I joined BCS two and a half years ago as the first Cost Manager in Germany, and it has been an incredibly rewarding journey to date. In this short span, I've witnessed our team grow from strength to strength. The collaborative spirit and camaraderie among colleagues have been instrumental in creating a positive and motivating work atmosphere. What sets BCS apart is the empowerment granted to each team member, enabling us to excel in our roles which fosters both professional and personal growth. The inclusive environment, exceptional colleagues, empowerment in executing my role, and exposure to the thriving DC sector have collectively made this journey both fulfilling and enriching. I am proud to be a part of the BCS family and look forward to contributing to our continued success.

Nick Marlow

I was at a crossroads before joining BCS. Do I push the Data Centre Sector in an emerging consultant or do I join an established Data Centre consultant and focus my energy with them. The reason I chose BCS was the opportunity they presented including the projects, business ambition, culture and future possibilities. I enjoy not counting my profitability figures and instead focusing on the quality of output, delivery and learning from the experience within the organisation. The flat structure, level of experience and personalities within the business sets the tone for the for the culture. There is a passionate drive on quality of output, delivery, learning and fun. I am looking forward to the continued development of BCS as it matures across its presence in Europe and exciting developments in Asia and Africa.

Holly Bean

Assistant Consultant

Presented with the exciting opportunity to join BCS through their apprenticeship scheme, I am currently advancing my degree in quantity surveying. Despite entering the field with no prior knowledge, BCS not only introduced me to the intricacies of the data centre industry but also provided invaluable support for my learning journey. Being part of a growing, smaller company like BCS has allowed me to thrive in a collaborative and closely-knit environment. The emphasis on mentorship and individual growth, facilitated by initiatives such as the buddy scheme, line managers, teams, and training sessions, has been instrumental to my professional development. I eagerly look forward to continuing my journey with BCS and contributing further to the company's success.

Luca D’ Alleva

I chose to join BCS because I recognised an experienced team capable of providing a high level of service. A team that although it is growing day by day maintains the status of a family and very focused, not only to the growth of people from the educational and experience point of view, but also in the personal life of each person. What I found inspiring is the close relationship between people, thanks to which, you don't tackle projects alone and you get to learn from more experienced colleagues in the market. I would like to grow within BCS to become a reference expert for colleagues, as the people I have been working with since I arrived.

James Vaughan

I joined BCS due to a desire to challenge myself delivering complex projects and to join a company that I could grow with. BCS’ people-first culture aligns with my own values and has given me the opportunity to involve myself in the business outside of project delivery. Even as BCS continues to grow, the close-knit ethos continues and there are always challenges, charity events and socials to get involved with. Being at the leading edge of data centre consultancy is challenging and we are always looking at ways to improve the experience for our clients. The senior staff are incredibly supportive and it’s a great place to work. I can’t see myself working anywhere else!

Richard Wilson

Having worked in PQS practices for over thirty five years, for five practices I can certainly say the last two years at BCS have been the most fulfilling. Being successful in this industry is all about the people you work with, and at BCS from senior leadership to apprentices everyone has a growth mindset, the culture is very ‘can do’. I enjoy both the responsibility and flexibility working at BCS, it is well rewarded and sociable, we put the clients first and enjoy the successes together.

James Deas

Over 5 years ago I sat in what was then the small, rented space BCS had with two of the seniors in the business. I had a feeling then that the people I as talking to were genuine and trustworthy which is what I was looking for. I believed that BCS would provide me with the experience and opportunities I desperately desired in my career. I could not have been more right! More than 5 years on and watching the company grow from less than 10 to 100 strong has been an adventure and journey I am proud to have been part off. BCS is my home from home, and I value my colleagues and team above all. Looking forward to what lies ahead.

Baboucar Badjie

The decision to join BCS was both because of the vast opportunities available to begin my career in the Construction and Data Centre industry, as well as their friendly and welcoming environment throughout the business and its core values. The flexibility in hybrid working allows me to continue participating in extra-curricular activities. In my 18 months at the business, I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with senior colleagues assisting in the exponential growth of my competent and efficient thinking. I am yet to discover a company who devote as much time, effort, and support to mature the young generation in this industry as much as BCS have for us. With the rapid growth of the Industry, I’m certain there’s much more to come!

Simon Harris

I chose to join BCS because of the opportunity for me to add value to a business that has deep specialist expertise, great people, high levels of trust and an entrepreneurial spirit. I have not been disappointed in what I have discovered since I arrived. The business has a people centric agenda that goes beyond the stale corporate virtue signalling and a client focus that results in a substantial amount of repeat appointments with high quality businesses throughout the UK and Europe.

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