Careers at BCS

We believe that the effective deployment of technology is as important as the technology itself and delivering digital built assets requires the right people with the right skills working together in the right ways. And so, for the sake of our digital future, we have a responsibility to develop and nurture the next generation of those people now.

Every day, we work with clients and colleagues to build capabilities, leadership skills, and better outcomes—at every level, for every opportunity. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, working with BCS could be a challenging and rewarding next step in your career. Come be part of our team–bring your ideas, ingenuity and determination to make a difference, and we’ll solve some of our client’s biggest challenges.

Your career at BCS

Competitive Salary

Our salaries are representative of the value you generate for our clients.


We find ways of working that represent today's working environment to enable the best outputs.


We offer a benefits package tailored to individuals that recognises outstanding performance.

Professional Growth

We’ll coach you, mentor you and support you to help you get to where you want to go.

Team Bonding

In joining BCS, you'll be part of a highly sociable team that are encouraged to swap experiences.


We always encourage our staff to take on new challenges. Wherever your journey takes you, we’ll provide a supportive network and environment.

Job vacancies

Check out our current vacancies, you might be the next member of our team.

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What is it like to work at BCS?

Alexandra Thorer

Country Manager Germany

Joining BCS changed my entire career path; it was a very different and new challenge I decided to face – yet one of the best decisions ever made. It is rare to come across a company that motivates, encourages and supports their employees to develop themselves into their best versions, such as BCS. I still feel honoured and humbled for having the faith of BCS Germany placed in my hands.

Imogen Paton


BCS are unique in the services they provide. The hard work and expertise is shown through the growth and reputation the company has built, along with the opportunities available and the work-life balance / company ethos. It was an exciting opportunity to join a growing company as an apprentice into such an interesting industry, that I knew little about, and had evidence of expansion even during lockdown and where the opportunities were very inspiring. The company was so welcoming and have since exceeded expectations. The business has been so accommodating to my learning and development as an apprentice and I have felt supported since the start by everyone. The flexible and trusting nature is very motivating and the work is hugely rewarding.

Simon Harris

Head of Critical Infrastructure

I chose to join BCS because of the opportunity for me to add value to a business that has deep specialist expertise, great people, high levels of trust and an entrepreneurial spirit. I have not been disappointed in what I have discovered since I arrived. The business has a people centric agenda that goes beyond the stale corporate virtue signalling and a client focus that results in a substantial amount of repeat appointments with high quality businesses throughout the UK and Europe.

Josh Welka


I decided to join BCS following a long stint at a large professional services company, feeling as though I needed a change and a move away from larger organisations. With my first introduction to the company, I could tell that BCS were different. From the informal and friendly nature of the interview that was more about me than my qualifications, to the relationships I started to develop and could see around me, I knew that BCS really care about the wellbeing and development of each and every member of the team. Since joining I have been given the chance to really grow within my role and undertake responsibility far greater than before. The company is in an exciting period of growth and I’m really glad to be a part of it. I like to feel as though I have the ability to make positive change both personally and business related, and at BCS I have already been given many opportunities to do so.

Fay Visaya


The fundamental reasons why I joined BCS was for its people and ability to attract and hire knowledgeable and welcoming individuals. This in conjunction with BCS’ culture for supporting and nourishing its younger members of staff is what makes the company unique from its competitors. BCS has provided me with the opportunity to travel (overseas/domestically), interact with clients, and immerse myself in the data centre industry from the start of my employment, which is often not the case in other firms. Undoubtably, the data centre industry can be challenging and demanding at times, but I always find myself at the end of the day feeling that my hard work and efforts have been seen and acknowledged by senior members of the team. I have therefore personally found working at BCS to be extremely rewarding, with my voice and opinion being valued and never judged. There is truly no silly question that you could ask at BCS!

Dan Sheehan


When I go back to joining BCS in September 2019 from the day I first walked in the office, the individuals within BCS have made my experience as enjoyable as possible. I put this down to a mixture of building relationships through friendly conversation as well as everybody being available and willing to support with any work-related queries at all times. In addition to this, the opportunities that have been provided to me to develop and learn as an individual are something that I am extremely grateful for. BCS have entirely supported me through my learning at university as well as in continued professional development training which has made me feel confident to perform competently within my role.