Programme Management

We have played a leading role in some of the world’s highest profile mission critical and data centre programmes, covering multiple geographies, gaining unique insights and expertise.

We set programmes up to succeed at every stage of the lifecycle, using industry leading approaches to support decision making, supporting investment and achieving full readiness for execution.

We develop and deploy all the strategies and controls to manage risks and challenges, capture opportunities, set realistic baselines and establish the capabilities and support infrastructure required to assure your business outcome and achieve your business objectives.

Overview of Programme Management

We understand the constituent parts of what needs to be done and create the optimal structure to deliver with agility and flexibility to assure business outcome delivery. Our deep mission critical expertise helps us quickly build a business case that can be feasibly delivered in digestible stages, realising value as we deliver alongside your teams.


Programme Management

Programme management enables our clients to fund, prioritise, optimise resource capacity, and manage interdependencies and conflicts. We do this with coordinated planning, management, and execution of multiple related projects that are directed toward the same strategic, business, or organisational objectives.

Programme Strategy & Set-up

High performing teams are rare. Around 60% of work teams fail. One of the main reasons is because they’re not properly set up in the first place. Setting up for success is crucial to delivering positive outcomes with the right people in the right roles with a clear plan to drive the business imperatives.

Execution Strategy

If you start from the wrong place, then you probably won't make it to your destination. Execution strategy is the basis for the success of a project and it will define how the programme will succeed and provides the path for how to get there.

Programme Management Office

Gateway governance and performance management underpin the management of any successful programme. Gateway governance drives consistency, increases control and reduces risk. A consistent development process will reduce delivery risk, improve commercials and strengthen brand whilst generating data to allow performance management and continuous improvement.

Tony Jacob

Vice President of Design & Construction, Interxion

BCS represent us in the best way, taking our challenges, recognising the potential impacts on our business and delivering the right solutions through their totally dependent expertise adding value to our brand

Tassos Christoforou

Director Design and Construction EMEA and APAC at IRON MOUNTAIN

BCS are not operating on a detect and repair mode but on a predict and prevent mode

Peter Knapp

Executive Vice President, CloudHQ

BCS goes above and beyond to ensure our projects meet the quality we stand for. Close communication, quick response rates and taking ownership of tasks lead to the successful project outcome we seek to achieve as a team. Throughout, the BCS team show commitment to us as a client and partner not only on project-level but also strategically.

John Lennon

CEO CAM Capital

BCS Utilities has been continually proactive on Cam Capital and Avalon DC projects. The team has applied its expert technical and commercial skillset along with its knowledge of the regulated and de-regulated utilities marketplace to ensure that best value and programme assurance were prioritised at all stages of development