Project Management

A constant in today’s business environment is transformation, with the data centres and critical infrastructure being the engine that powers these everyday changes.

Having the flexibility and agility to deploy effective planning, the right skills and rigorous controls is key to delivery success. Our consultants work with you to create solutions to deliver capital expenditure projects that focus on the best possible business outcome and align with your businesses strategy. At BCS we advocate a collaborative approach to give all stakeholders a voice in framing the key project drivers and what success would look like. Our clients’ interests are at the forefront of what we do and our expertise drives project control and delivery assurance to meet your time, cost and quality objectives.

Overview of Project Management

Our progressive solutions are built on oth our learning from delivering data centre and mission critical projects and our appreciation of future trends and the emerging technology that is shaping our sector to offer you a solution that is the right fit for your business.



Setting the project up for success is about managing risks, making your investments work harder and focus on outputs that will have beneficial outcomes. Our commitment is always to our clients, and the projects they develop to improve their critical spaces.

Design Management

Our design management approach encompasses the ongoing processes, business decisions, and strategies that enable innovation and create effectively-designed infrastructure and environments that enhance your critical space offering.

Planning & Scheduling

To fail to plan is to plan to fail, Franklin famously said. Project planning and scheduling are essential disciplines in the construction process. BCS has planned, scheduled, and managed some of the largest and most complex data centre and critical infrastructure projects built over the last decade.

Construction, Testing & Commissioning

We plan for operational readiness which encompasses the strategic issues of defining needs, risk identification, and strategic planning through to the tactical work involved in developing and deploying the procedures, systems and workplace tools required to successfully operate your deployment.

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Tassos Christoforou

Director Design and Construction EMEA and APAC at IRON MOUNTAIN

BCS are not operating on a detect and repair mode but on a predict and prevent mode

John Lennon

CEO CAM Capital

BCS Utilities has been continually proactive on Cam Capital and Avalon DC projects. The team has applied its expert technical and commercial skillset along with its knowledge of the regulated and de-regulated utilities marketplace to ensure that best value and programme assurance were prioritised at all stages of development

Tony Jacob

Vice President of Design & Construction, Interxion

BCS represent us in the best way, taking our challenges, recognising the potential impacts on our business and delivering the right solutions through their totally dependent expertise adding value to our brand

Peter Knapp

Executive Vice President, CloudHQ

BCS goes above and beyond to ensure our projects meet the quality we stand for. Close communication, quick response rates and taking ownership of tasks lead to the successful project outcome we seek to achieve as a team. Throughout, the BCS team show commitment to us as a client and partner not only on project-level but also strategically.