Utilities are a specialist element of a project that are often overlooked. Utilities networks are dynamic in nature and many organisations are unaware of the risks associated with securing and establishing network capacity on a project but also the flexibility and opportunity that can be achieved through deregulation in marketplace and the whole lifecycle efficiencies that can be introduced when the right solution is applied.

BCS Utilities is focused on implementing strategies across a suite of project utility requirements including power, water, gas, drainage, telecoms and district heating. Our highly qualified and experienced team of consultants provide consideration of all technical, regulatory and commercial elements associated with utility procurement and delivery on a project. These in-house specialisms ensure efficiencies are driven through the pre-construction and construction stages and throughout the operational life of the assets.

The BCS Utilities team is skilled in the development and delivery of personalised turnkey utilities strategies across real estate and commercial construction environments, that are owned and implemented from the master planning stages of a project through to operation, providing both CAPEX and OPEX efficiencies whilst de-risking overall delivery.

How we helped Avalon DC

BCS unlocked the necessary utility capacity – power and telecommunications – required to meet the demands of the proposed scheme, established project feasibility and enabled the necessary investment to be secured.

The Challenge

Once the necessary utility capacity and point of connection had been secured, suitable routes through public highway and third-party land were required in addition to the necessary planning consents. Once constructed, offsite utility infrastructure routes in the pubic highway and third party land would require adoption by an appropriate statutory undertaker. The project would also need to be delivered within a short timeframe to avoid winter power outage restrictions.

The Opportunity

To deliver a utility network to the site, working within the parameters of regulation and de-regulation to make sure best value would be achieved for both CAPEX and OPEX expenditure.

The Solution

BCS Utilities was quickly able to establish that capacities previously secured at the site would be insufficient for the anticipated levels of demand for the scheme. Modifications were quickly made to statutory undertaker offers whilst capacity was still available. Increases in capacity had to be considered against the possible tipping point of the networks and triggering of upstream reinforcement.

Architectural layouts for utility infrastructure were amended through the statutory planning process to significantly reduce enabling works on site, reduce the risk of infrastructure running underground, infrastructure through the site and to make the adopted networks more accessible from the public highway. An asset adoption strategy was considered and developed for the project that considered both the short term capital outlay for the project and ongoing operational and wholesale billing costs.

The final strategy agreed offset the client’s capital costs of the project by 20% whilst ensuring that the wholesale bill was secured with only inflationary rises over the lifetime of the asset. By agreeing early network adoption, works in the public domain could also be undertaken without the need for costly highway permitting. The adopting party also allowed for valuing engineering opportunities to be integrated into the design, further reducing overall expenditure to the client.

Our Services


  • Utility Searches
  • Constraints & Opportunities Analysis
  • Existing Asset & Secured Capacities Assessment
  • Existing Infrastructure Analysis
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Programme Management

  • Master Planning & Strategy
  • Statutory Engagements
  • Due Diligence & Feasibility
  • Network Studies
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Project Management

  • Statutory & Stakeholder Management
  • Coalescence & Augmentation Strategies
  • Delivery Management
  • Risk Management
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Cost & Commercial Management

  • Asset Adoption & Rebate Strategies
  • Procurement
  • Cost Management
  • Contract Management
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Jon Lennon

CEO CAM Capital

BCS Utilities has been continually proactive on Cam Capital and Avalon DC projects. The team has applied its expert technical and commercial skillset along with its knowledge of the regulated and de-regulated utilities marketplace to ensure that best value and programme assurance were prioritised at all stages of development

Tassos Christoforou

Director Design and Construction EMEA and APAC at IRON MOUNTAIN

BCS are not operating on a detect and repair mode but on a predict and prevent mode

Peter Knapp

Executive Vice President, CloudHQ

BCS goes above and beyond to ensure our projects meet the quality we stand for. Close communication, quick response rates and taking ownership of tasks lead to the successful project outcome we seek to achieve as a team. Throughout, the BCS team show commitment to us as a client and partner not only on project-level but also strategically.

Tony Jacob

Vice President of Design & Construction, Interxion

BCS represent us in the best way, taking our challenges, recognising the potential impacts on our business and delivering the right solutions through their totally dependent expertise adding value to our brand